There is no cookie banner on this website. Why? Because we do not store personalized data from you. For statistics, we use anonymized data, which are not linked to each other. These data are not assignable. For example, if you visit this website again, it is not known that you have been here before.
Normally, such data is used for forecast analyses in large companies - but this is not done here - for the benefit of user-friendliness and your data security. The website hoster 'EDIS GmbH' also does not store any data.
So what data are we storing separately - and why?

  • Browser and device: What are the 5 most common devices and browsers used to access this page. This way we can always keep the page optimized for the most frequent visitors.
  • Language: This website is designed for German and English. If we notice an increased access, for example from Spain, we will then also plan another translation.
  • Country: Normally their IP address would be stored so that data like the country, the internet operator and even your city can be located. The IP address (IPv4) is in the format, but we only store the first 3 blocks ( and then use them to query the country - this way there is no unique association to you and we secure more your anonymity. We still have good statistics from which countries our site is visited.
  • Loading time: How long did it take for the page to load.
  • Links: Are the links on our website even clicked?
  • Source: How did you get to this page? Important here: The 'root' of a URL is stored. So if you have accessed this page through a Google search, for example, only the information '' is stored. Normally the URLs look much longer and contain data like search words, location, language, previous searches, search type (images, maps, ...) or other data - these are not interesting for us.

For all technicians and IT specialists a little additional info: This website is built in PHP and therefore uses the PHP session ID. However, we do not store this.